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I met Titus in 2000, when my roommate found the poor beast wandering on the freeway near Oakland, California.


When I met him, the LAST thing I thought I needed in my life at the time was a dogleast of all a large Rottweiler. Titus changed my mind about that in the space of a few short weeks. He was without a doubt the greatest dog in the world.


Titus died on August 4, 2003.


Here are a few choice shots:


Titus' first snow, December 2002.



Titus in Central Park, summer 2002.



Crashed out after a long day

With my friend Larry



Some excellent shots by photographer Steven Underhill


Late one night:


These are the last pictures taken of Titus. July 19, 2003, at the Central Park 150th Anniversary Celebration: