March 2011 -- In the Sights of the Right Wing

One year later, still living in the shadow of our nation's capital. Only now, instead of helping the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers build dams, I'm helping the Treasury Department police the derivatives market (sort of). Yes, we're those job-killing government regulators that the Tea Party wants to bury.

The gig with the Corps wasn't the experience I was hoping it would be. Met a few great people, but because of some serious work management issues (yes, on everyone's part -- myself included), the project spun out of control. Luckily, I found a great gig with a contracting firm called Aquilent; they have me on assignment to the U. S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. I'm doing pretty much the exact same work . . . but in a much better run environment with much better people in a much better part of town. Pay is only slightly better than the last, but overall the move was a good one. Onward we go.

It's been an uneven year socially. A few new friends in, a few new friends out. Luckily, no OLD friends out. :)

I took up bowling, after about 40 years! I'm still fighting some of the bad habits I had as a when I bowled on a team as a youth, but overall, not bad. Average is hovering just below 150, and I've already rolled my first 200+ game.

I enjoy being closer to nature down here, but truthfully, I'm feeling just a LITTLE homesick for NYC. Maybe it's just the nervousness of being away from my property (I still own the co-op on W. 70th Street). I'm reluctant to put down any roots in Virginia or the DC area -- at least yet. At this point in my life, the less scattered about I am, the better. Not sure if/how long I want to actually stay in New York once I get back there, though. Ah, how lucky we are to have choices. Ugh.

Generally, I'm just . . . hanging out. Much as I enjoy going out when I do go out, I'm discovering the joys of selective solitude. Saturday nights alone with Netflix and Chinese take-out has its sublime appeal, just as does a Sunday walk down busy King Street in Alexandria. Work keeps me fairly busy interacting with other people, but I do enjoy the occasional solitude of my private office away from the client site.

Oh, and Lauren got married! Please have a look at these amazing wedding photos and videos.

Theater? Seeing some good stuff, actually. The Signature Theater in Arlington is terrific -- the did a great season, including "Sunset Boulevard" (ask me my opinion of that production sometime when we have an hour!), and a few things at the Kennedy Center and other places. Washington certainly doesn't lack for choices in theater.

Give me a shout if you're visiting Washington. Always lots to do here!