March 13, 2002 -- One Month Into It

Hello everyone:

One month in, and all's well.

Major observation: I remember when I first moved to San Francisco, I was told that you're not REALLY a San Franciscan until you've lived there for at least ten years. Baby, that just ain't the case here. When you come to New York, you're a New Yorker right off the bat. There's no way to avoid it. You're immediately caught up in the maelstrom.

You might have seen on the news that they've installed a temporary memorial near Ground Zero. It's basically two columns of light, shining straight up into the sky. Haven't had a chance to see it yet, because my work schedule directly overlaps the hours the memorial is in operation. I'll have a chance to see it for real next weekend.

News: I've landed a nifty job with UBS Warburg, a Swiss-based investment banking firm. I'm temping in the presentation graphics department—which is basically a high-tech steno pool. The department operates 24/7, and lucky me, I landed the graveyard shift (although I'm in training on the "swing" shift at the moment). From midnight until eight in the morning, I edit Word and PowerPoint presentations for high-powered investment bankers. There are perks: For one, I get car service to work since I start so late at night. And you'd be VERY jealous of the location: It's on Park Avenue, right across from the Waldorf Astoria, just up from Grand Central Terminal.

I got a sound and serious offer on my condo in SF today. We close April 15, so that means I can soon start in earnest my search for a home in Manhattan. If all goes well, I'll be living in the City by summertime. I plan on having room for two overnight guests, so anytime you need a place to crash in New York, you'll know who to call.

I sang in public in New York for the first time last Sunday. The Stonewall Bistro in Greenwich Village (just around the corner from THAT Stonewall Inn) is a dandy little place for brunch on Sunday, and they have a piano and open mic. My new friend Mark plays there, and I had a chance to shake the dust off of my singing muscles.

All in all, not a bad start—but I must admit, I won't feel completely settled until I've got my own place. The house I'm staying in in Jersey City is just fine, but it's still a bit depressing to spend all day in the greatest city in the world, and then have to leave at the end of the day to go to New Jersey (sorry Laura!!!).

I'll be back in S.F. briefly in mid-April to sign my closing documents. Once that's done, I'll pop Titus into the car and drive back to New York. It'll be great having him with me at last—I miss him very much.

Much love to you all!