July 23, 2002 -- We've Become New Yorkers!

Today, at 3:30 pm eastern time, Titus and I officially became New Yorkers. We are absolutely thrilled. :)

The closing had only a few minor glitches, but the end result was all good. I officially took possession of my new home today, and I move in lock, stock and barrel tomorrow. I should be moderately functional by the weekend.

Many, MANY thanks to everyone who helped me through these last few months -- my fabulous broker Cynthia Crowley (I HIGHLY recommend her -- she's a real pistol), my terific lawyers, and especially my friends (here on earth and in heaven!) who supported me, both with good wishes and positive energy when things were getting really tight time-wise a few weeks ago, and especially with those recommendation letters!

And now, the REAL adventure begins! I'm planning to begin a comprehensive course of study at the HB Studio in Greenwich Village, beginning with the fall semester, which starts after Labor Day. I'm shooting to really hit the audition circuit beginning in mid-October.

The "regular" job at UBS Warburg is still going very well. Weather in New York is hot and humid, but should be cooling off over the next few days.

That's the story at the moment. I hope you'll visit us when you're in the Big Apple. We'd love to have company.

Michael and Titus