Michael Temlin

My Days at Prudential, Early 1980s

From April of 1981 to August of 1986, I worked for Prudential Mama Pru, The Rock, the company that owned a third of the real estate on Wilshire Boulevard before the Arabs and the Japanese staked their claims.

My office, the Los Angeles Group Office (LAGO), was in Century City, on what was formerly the 20th Century Fox backlot. In fact, I daily trod the grounds where Rita Moreno was filmed singing "We Kiss in a Shadow". You'd know our office building if you saw it it's the south twin tower in Century City, the one seen in the opening credits of "Remington Steele". And, for you REAL trivia buffs...right outside the front entrance to our building is the site where the cat fight between Shirley MacLaine and Anne Bancroft in "The Turning Point" was filmed (never mind that the film was set in New York!).

Some of the best, most fruitful times of my professional career were spent in that office. What I learned there, I use practically every day today.

Below are some links to photos of some of the good folks who worked there. Unfortunately, I don't have too many. Hopefully, my ex-LAGO-ites will contribute to the gallery.

God bless and remember Richard Craft Phillips.

All of the links below connect directly to photos.  Photos average 50K - 150K in size.

The View

In the mornings, when the sun was shining, the view from the office was spectacular.
bulletTo the South
bulletTo the East

Some Good Folks

I wish I had more day-to-day shots. I'll keep looking.
bulletRichard LaBrecque
bulletJames Elliott
bulletC. Von Parchman
bulletWith Terry Gallegus, a friend of my boss, at the 1984 Xmas party
bulletWith Bonnie Thom, one of our brokers, at our 1985 Xmas party
bulletMary Williams (office manager), Greg Baird (group rep) and Carlene Gordon

My Fifth Anniversary

In April 1986, I celebrated five years. They threw me a party. The gave me a card, cookies, and a clock.
bulletJon Leeke presents me with my award, Dick LaBrecque looks on
bulletMe with my clock, my cookies and my card
bulletDon Kreuzberger, Glynis Mouzakis, Julie Chapin (hidden), JoAnna Broadhurst, Gwen Currie, Courtney Andrain, Mark Garrett
bulletCourtney Andrain, Mark Garrett, Catherine Conrad, Jon Leeke, and Richard LaBrecque

After the party, we all went to Dick's place (he lived in the Hollywood Hills) and spent the rest of the afternoon drinking margaritas in the sunshine. I loved L. A.!
bulletRichard LaBrecque, JoAnna Broadhurst (aka "JoBama"), Catherine Conrad, Courtney Andrain, Mary Williams
bulletJoAnna Broadhurst, Cheri Tinker, Catherine Conrad, Courtney Andrain, Mary Williams
bulletMary Williams, Catherine Conrad, Joanna Broadhurst
bulletCheri Tinker (who made the best salsa I ever ate)
bulletCourtney Andrain (aka "Power Courtney"), and Mary Williams

The "Prom"

Joanna and I were chaperones for the 1985 Blair High School Prom at the Beverly Hills Hotel
bulletHigh School Retro Fu

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