Michael Temlin

My Home on the
Upper West Side of Manhattan

On September 8, 2007, I walked into my new co-op in Manhattan for the first time. The previous owner had done little to maintain it, so I had my job cut out for me (although the lion's share of the REAL cleanup work was handled by my amazing realtor, Cynthia Crowley, and the amazing people at  Olshan Realty).

Here's what it looks like as of October, 2008:

Front Entrance

Built 80 years ago, renovated several times since.

View to the west.

West End Avenue in foreground. Hudson River and New Jersey in the distance.

View to the east.

Broadway/Amsterdam one block away.


Living Room



My very first day in the best home I've ever had.

The walls were painted the color of a Post-it note.

Plenty of (filthy!) built-in bookshelves, and a BAR!

Plenty of light, plus a fireplace.

Plenty of gloom and dinginess needing to be chased.


The view from the entrance.

A well-stocked office, library, and refreshment center.

Light, comfort, and bliss.

Centeral media console, with wireless access throughout the home.

A place for all of my treasures.

Dining nook. All it needs is some cool artwork on the wall.





I've always wanted a huge blank wall for pictures. Finally have my wish!

From the living room.

Gallery lighting, and a pale green wall to soothe the eye.

Just a few pictures to start.




Bare white walls and cabinets, appliances that sucked, and a faucet that barely trickled water.

That fridge has got to go!!

Running water, new dishwasher, new cutting surface, new cookery, and everything is CLEAN!

Off-white walls with hot red accents, and a new energy-efficient fridge.




Magnificent marble tile, but badly in need of TLC.

Water that wouldn't stop running, and mold of death. How could anyone bear to LIVE here?

Close-up of the crud. Some schmuck tried to use caulk where they should have used grout.

Again with the red accents. Must mean something!

Crud replaced by grout and caulk, plus a little added elbow grease.




Loved the brick, loved the floor, loved the view . . . hated the walls. And that air conditioner was a tragedy.

Closets for days.

And MORE closets. In fact, one long wall is solid storage.

The first thing I see in the morning!

Plenty of closets.

View from the outside.

Still need to paint that bookcase.

Solarium/Atrium/Patio/Balcony (whatever!)



An empty storage space, with rubber subway-like tiles on the floor and the thermalpane windows almost completely fogged over.

For the first time in decades, an unobstructed view of the outside.

All ready for furniture!

Detail of floor tile pattern.

Backlit canopy.

The gardens.

The dogwood tree.

The garden apartment's private area.

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