Michael Temlin

Idaho, 2003

August 2003 -- the Sawtooth mountain range, Idaho. Beautiful, peaceful, and thoroughly life-affirming.

All of the links below connect directly to photos.  Photos average 50K - 150K in size.

En Route to Boise

Donner Lake -- named after one of the most infamous al fresco meals ever eaten (ewwww!)
bulletDonner Lake

The Road from Boise to Sawtooth

This is true wilderness, western style. A few choice shots:
bulletIdaho City, the way the west used to be (asphalt roads notwithstanding)
bulletA dam across the Boise River


Pitching a tent and spending the weekend doing not much more than sleeping, eating, basking, hiking and playing backgammon is SO good for the soul.
bulletOur campsite in the woods
bulletCamping for the orally fixated
bulletThe Daugenti brothers 
bulletMy sexy friend Carl


Such a beautiful place to just walk
bulletA babbling brook right out of a fairy tale
bulletYet another
bulletHiking A
bulletHiking B
bulletHiking C
bulletHiking D

Back in Boise

A charming city, well worth visiting:
bulletDowntown main street in Boise, with the state capitol in the distance
bulletDinner out with some long lost friends
bulletThe Anne Frank Memorial -- just beautiful

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