Michael Temlin

Hiking in Harriman State Park,
May 1, 2005

About an hour northwest of New York City, Harriman State Park, which straddles the Appalachian Trail, is a wonderful place for a day hike. I escaped there with my friends Bill and Troy.

Beautiful scenery!

All of the links below connect directly to photos.  Photos average 200K - 400K in size.


The day before, we had our requisite protein injection, in the form of Bill's wonderful chicken bouillabaisse.
bulletBill memorizing the recipe
bulletTroy in slice-and-dice mode
bulletBill's beautiful cherry tree


Three men, lost in the woods.
bulletReading the trusty trail guide
bullet"Is there a bar anywhere on this map?"
bulletRustic signage
bulletRustic signage 2
bulletMichael on the summit


Everywhere you look, nature in full glory
bulletScenery 1
bulletScenery 2
bulletScenery 3
bulletScenery 4
bulletScenery 5
bulletScenery 6
bulletScenery 7
bulletScenery 8
bulletScenery 9
bulletScenery 10
bulletScenery 11
bulletScenery 12

The "Lemon Squeezer"

Yes, the Appalachian trail runs directly through this very narrow squeeze. Not for the faint of heart.
bulletDescending into the entrance
bullet"Are you sure about this?"
bullet"Are you REALLY sure about this?!?!?!"
bulletTroy emerges on the other side

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