Michael Temlin

Spain, 2005

My niece Ashley spent the fall of her junior year in Spain. On November 5, Anita, Jim, Collin, and I descended on her for a few days.

All of the links below connect directly to photos.  Photos average 200K - 700K in size.

As usual, the first shot is from the air:

bulletThe Cantabrian Mountains, as you approach from the Bay of Biscay


Madrid is beautiful, especially when the weather is good and you're on vacation!

bulletThe Plaza de la Villa, a small square near the Plaza Mayor
bulletSide street near the flea market
bulletI have no idea where this is, but it's cute, isn't it?

We went to a flea market near the Plaza Mayor on Sunday:

bulletFlea market
bulletMural near the flea market
bulletAshley and Anita, on the way to the flea market

The Palacio Real, just a few steps from our hotel:

bulletThe courtyard
bulletThe courtyard
bulletThe Catedral Ntra. Sra. De La Almudena, directly across the plaza
bulletThe Palacio and the Catedral, as seen from the Templo (one hill to the northwest)

We spent one afternoon in the Parque del Buen Retiro, the main public park:

bulletThe Alfonso XII monument
bulletThe Palacio De Cristal
bulletThe grounds of the Palacio
bulletFrom within a small passage through a rock outcropping

And within the classic Spanish Mediterranean architecture, a sudden jolt:

bulletThe Templo de Debod, a real Egyptian temple given to Spain by Egypt
bulletMore of the Templo

Various People Shots

bulletStanding with her family in front of the solemn memorial to Alfonso XII, Anita shows us how we need to loosen up a bit
bulletNear the Templo De Debod, Ashley and Collin find a bit of street art that perfectly expresses their outlook on life.
bulletAshley and Collin in the Retiro
bulletAshley and Collin at the Cafe Orienta, near the Palacio
bulletIn the Plaza Mayor
bulletWith the Palacio Real in the background
bulletA Kodak moment in the lobby of the hotel
bulletAshley and Jim do the Evita thing from their hotel room
bulletJim and Collin
bulletThe Wessiers wait for the Metro late one night

We spent one afternoon in Toledo, a one-hour bus ride to the south.

One afternoon is not NEARLY enough time to see this amazing town. By the time we got off the bus and hiked up the hill to the old part of town, there was barely enough time to see the Catedral and the central shopping district (mostly souvenir stores and clothing/executive toy boutiques) before it was already time to run back to catch the bus. I bolted from the group for a hour or so to explore the town:

bulletThe view to the north, as you climb the hill to the old fortressed part of town
bulletNear the top of the hill
bulletI could have wandered these streets all day and night
bulletOutside the Catedral
bulletPlaza near the Catedral
bulletOld narrow streets that go back nearly an entire millennium!

Madrid night life

bulletAnita, Ashley, and Rob at the jazz club . . .
bullet. . . where we met some new friends
bulletAnita, Jim, and Rob, out at for coffee after sightseeing
bulletRob with Ashley and Collin
bulletWe invaded a local tapas bar one night...
bullet...and did all those things...
bullet...that one normally does...
bullet...when one visits...
bullet...a tapas bar.
bulletThe Wessiers, with the Palacio in the background
bulletMy last night in Madrid, partying with Ashley, Collin, and Rob
bulletI love my sister!

We went to a flamenco club one night:

bulletFlamenco A
bulletFlamenco B
bulletFlamenco C
bulletFlamenco D
bulletFlamenco E

The Festival of La Almudena, a public holidayómy last day in Madrid:

bulletThe public brings offerings of flowers, and the workers arrange them on a huge display outside the Catedral
bulletThe crowd gathers for the parade
bulletThough the streets comes the parade
bulletHorse guards
bulletTraditional costumes

I could have stayed MUCH longer, as there was MUCH more...but, sadly, airplanes don't wait for parades. :(

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