Michael Temlin

Vacation in San Francisco and Australia,
June, 2005

I blew off New York for two weeks in June 2005 to visit some old friends in two of my favorite places in the world -- San Francisco and Australia.

All of the links below connect directly to photos.  Photos average 200K - 400K in size.

Old Friends in San Francisco

After dinner, Robin and I dropped in on Todd. It was late, and we were all feeling a bit punchy.
bulletRobin and Todd
bulletRobin in shock!
bulletRobin reclining
bulletSari, wrong number
bulletTodd with a new friend

Sandy, her dog, and her garden

If there's two things my friend Sandy does very well, it's raise things.
bulletBeary, the French poodle
bulletGarden tidbits 1
bulletGarden tidbits 2
bulletGarden tidbits 3
bulletGarden tidbits 4

Back to the Mountain

Sandy and I headed to Mt. Tamalpais to see "Oklahoma!", featuring my friend Stewart Lyle as Ali Hakim.
bulletSandy awaits the show
bulletMichael and Donna (Stewart's lovely wife)
bulletThe cast warms up
bulletStewart takes his bow
bulletCurtain call
bulletSan Francisco as seen from the Mountain

Dinner at the Pech/Powell Home

After the show, Sandy and I drove up to Glen Ellen for dinner with Larry and Jimmy.
bullet"Didn't you bring the anchovies"? "No, I thought you did!!"
bulletPost-dinner cheer

Off to Australia

I first arrived in Brisbane to visit Susie Griffin, an old friend who I hadn't seen in over 20 years.
bulletSusie driving (on the wrong side of the car!)
bulletSusie's daughter Stephanie
bulletSusie under a giant spider in the West End
bulletThe Brisbane skyline
bulletCheck out the root system on this tree!
bulletSusie has a thing for lighthouses
bulletAn old nunnery on the hill
bulletThe gardens on the grounds of the expo
bulletMore gardens
bulletSusie and me at the Little Morgue Winery, north of Brisbane (yes, that's a coffin behind us)

The Road to Byron Bay

Susie, her friends Kay and Sheryl, and I then motored south to Byron Bay, the easternmost point in mainland Australia, where we met up with my cousin Stephanie. Picture the four of us piled into a classic 1973 Mustang, top down. We were too hip.
bulletSheryl (note the fuzzy dice)
bulletKay at the wheel
bulletA rainbow (there were several to be found that day after the rain)
bulletWe stopped at the Moo Moo Inn for a healthy dose of in-your-face kitsch (look close -- that's Sheryl, Kay and Susie blocking the "A" in the word "Antiques")
bulletA porcine friend
bulletThe sign for the loo
bulletWe met a python on the way
bulletThe lighthouse at Byron Bay
bulletA rainbow as seen from the lighthouse
bulletThe beach at Byron Bay
bulletThe easternmost point of Australia
bulletStephanie spies a pod of dolphins
bulletA bush turkey spotted in the scrub

Down to Sydney

Stephanie and I then headed to Sydney. Terrific, beautiful town!
bulletThe Sydney skyline as seen from North Head, the entrance to Sydney Harbor
bulletDee Why Beach
bulletDinner with Tom, Stephanie, Ben and Danielle
bulletJeremy and Vicky with their new daughter, Sofia
bulletJeremy and Vicky
bulletTom and Stephanie
bulletBen and Danielle

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