Michael Temlin

Europe, July-August, 2005

Citigroup sent me to Athens and Dublin to conduct training. What a treat -- two weeks in Europe!

All of the links below connect directly to photos.  Photos average 50K - 200K in size.


A few days before we left for Athens, the team huddled over dinner and drinks.
bulletCarole and Mafalda
bulletDavid and Susan
bulletEd and Dawn
bulletMe and Ashley


On to Athens.
bulletAlways my favorite photo whenever I travel abroad -- the first shot as we approach from the air
bulletOn our first night there, we entrusted a cab driver -- yes, a total stranger -- to take us to a good Greek tavern. He didn't let us down with this place
bulletOur wine, oddly enough, bore an eerily similar name to the project we were working on for the bank
bulletThe magnificent Parthenon, as seen from our hotel
bulletIn the shadows of the gods
bulletThe Plaka -- narrow, crooked streets, bazaars, cafes, trinket shops, the works
bulletThe Plaka
bulletThe Plaka
bulletStill more Plaka
bulletJust to prove that we were up late . . . er, working
bulletThe infamous "brutal truth" memo
bulletDinner by the sea
bulletVery unforgiving traffic in Athens. Pedestrians beware!
bulletOur peripatetic cab driver
bulletVery cool pedestrian bridge

The Parthenon

Words can't describe it, and photos don't do it justice. Despite the fact that there was construction equipment piled everywhere by the ton (ten-year restoration project), the place astounds you by its very existence.
bulletThe Parthenon 1
bulletThe Parthenon 2
bulletThe Parthenon 3
bulletThe Parthenon 4
bulletThe Parthenon 5
bulletThe Parthenon 6
bulletThe Parthenon 7
bulletThe Parthenon 8
bulletThe Parthenon 9
bulletThe Parthenon 10


Weekending with the Brits.
bulletMichael in Parliament Square
bulletAt Harrod's
bulletDawn aboard the London Eye
bulletOut to dinner at Belgo
bulletAn eerie inscription on the side of the Victoria and Albert Museum


So many different shades of green.
bulletFirst shot ;)
bulletThe River Liffey
bulletAgain, the River
bulletThe Ha'penny Bridge
bulletThe newly-erected Dublin Spire
bulletThe streets of Dublin, south of the River
bulletMore of the streets
bulletEven more!
bulletAnd yet, modern transportation
bulletThe grand old Customs House
bulletA sea of cranes: east Dublin is a maze of construction sites
bulletThe sculpture "Famine", just outside my hotel
bullet"Famine" 2
bullet"Famine" 3
bullet"Famine" 4
bulletPartying with the staff from the Dublin office
bulletMore pubbling
bulletStill more (well, it IS the thing to do when you're there!!)

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