Michael Temlin:

On Being Gay

I don't wish to thrust sexuality on anyone. There are plenty of sites on the web that do a much better job at that sort of thing than I ever could. The discussion at hand has absolutely nothing to do with sex.

However, there is no doubt in my mind as to the very morality of being gay. The mere fact that gay people exist in the numbers in which they do dispatches the whole notion that we are somehow "unnatural", that we don't belong.

Now more than ever, we must promote gay visibility. We must make sure that all of the myths about being gay are swept away and replaced by fact. Opinions should be supported by reality, not fables.

Society as a whole will never completely come to terms with the gay question until we are totally open about ourselves. Since society so often judges us, we must make sure we are judged for what we really are, and not what we are assumed to be. And who knows—we may, in the process, dissipate some unfounded hatred.

I predict that one day (sooner than we think) being gay will warrant no more consideration in a person's social stature than does having red hair, or being tall, or having an "innie" versus an "outie". I conduct myself and my business as if that day has already arrived. To me, being a gay man is neither something to crow about from the top of a tall building, nor something to hide in a hole somewhere. Being gay is simply part of me.

Don't deny gay people the right to a place in society. We are here to stay. We are vital. We count.

We are you.

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